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Yes, You CAN Advertise On Television!

Your TV production and tv advertising can be easy and inexpensive, if you know how to do it right.

Advertise Your Business On TV!

We believe in truth about advertising.

As television professionals, we noticed a need for a voice on the web that tells it like it really is.

Much of the television advertising information on the internet for entrepreneurs and small businesses is purely sales bunk.A lot of it is written by people whose specialty is the web, not TV. Some articles are by "writers" who are paid by SEO companies to churn out filler articles for blogs and web news sites.

Often, the "television" article, written by someone selling SEO or online ads, is full of negativity, intended to steer customers away from television, not to help them get on TV. Some of their made-up advice is so wrong that it's dangerous -- costly to you, the business owner.

You don't have to be fooled any more.

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Valuable for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMBs who are exploring TV advertising, creating a business plan or budget, or who are ready to get on the air.

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