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Advertising Mistakes that Could Kill Your Business


You’re an entrepreneur building your small business, searching for every opportunity to promote it. Money is tight, so you need to be careful. Your gut tells you that a strategically planned television ad campaign doesn't have to be expensive. But, the agencies you’ve talked to seem to be interested in one thing -- hooking you into a long term contract for as much money as they can squeeze from you. You’re starting to dread that “used car salesman” at the advertising agency whose only goal seems to be locking you into big advertising dollars and a long commitment.

If you purchased a TV commercial production from the typical agency, you may have shelled out thousands of dollars, and you’re not even on TV yet. The costs were hard to understand, and harder to control. Worse, the TV ad itself doesn’t really grab you, even though the agency claimed they had production experience. Instead of the promised experts, moonlighting marketing school flunkies wrote your ad, and it shows. After waiting months, when you finally get your ad, its quality doesn’t compare with the agency’s slick demo clip. Then there’s the cost of air time, and the dreaded long-term contract for airings that you may not be able to afford every single month, especially if the ad is not bringing in customers.

To save money, maybe you’ve tried a do-it-yourself service, or a bargain-basement priced ad. Sometimes the self-proclaimed advertising agency is merely a multi-level reseller of somebody else's TV production services. The “representative,” who’s working the ad trade at night on the web after his day job, knows as much about advertising as you do, maybe less. You went for their do-it-yourself ad mill, only to wind up with a home-made looking commercial that you’re embarassed to show friends, much less air on television to millions of potential customers.

You’re wondering if you did the right thing.

Probably not, but there’s help. Advertising on television doesn’t have to be a treacherous, expensive gamble for small and medium sized businesses. Fortunately, there’s a company whose great reputation, low price, amazing quality, and hard-won industry experience take the stress out of creating a TV ad -- a company that isn't out to hook you into a long term contract. Cheap TV Spots® ( is the full service television advertising agency for the entrepreneur. Through some seriously efficient production methods developed over years of TV industry experience, the Cheap TV Spots® team creates national quality TV advertisements for a low, all-inclusive price. And there’s no extra charge for that high-line look and feel: professional narration, music, or special effects. Cheap TV Spots® never requires a long term commitment to an air time schedule. You pay as you go, and you can set your own air time budget. Cheap TV Spots® will do the rest, locating and negotiating the best airing schedule that fits your budget and is aimed right at your customer.

Some ad agencies show you a demo tape of Hollywood movie trailers and mega-budget commercials, most likely done at their real jobs working at low-status positions within the editing department of a large corporation. Since they're just part of a huge group, who knows how much of that demo is really even their own work? When they get down to doing your commercial, though, they’re not comfortable working within an entrepreneur's budget, and they're not very good at giving you the most for your advertising dollar. We here at Cheap TV Spots® can show you examples of our own productions, and they’ll be real Cheap TV Spots® examples, done in-house by our own talented crew, all for the same low price. The great quality you see and hear is the great quality you will get.

Branding your company via television advertising doesn’t have to cost a lot. For example, a Cheap TV Spots® commercial costs as little as $1,999 (30-second national quality ad), and with Cheap TV Spots®, getting on the air nationwide can cost as little as $5,000. That’s a far cry from the $15,000-80,000 that other agencies would have you spend just for making the commercial. Many ad sales representatives won’t even bother with a client with less than $60,000 per month to spend on air time. The Cheap TV Spots® team welcomes small budget advertisers, and can place ads on major networks like CNN, Home & Garden TV, USA Network, BET, MTV, Lifetime, and many others.

It seems that the one cost that no one can put their finger on is how much to spend on advertising. Some advertising agencies claim you would need as much as $200,000 to brand your company, creating a TV ad, brochures, online presence, business cards, and so on. The Cheap TV Spots® team knows better. Your advertising budget can be a monster; it can grow to any size, so it’s up to you to keep that beast under control. The Cheap TV Spots team can help you do just that.

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